My love affair with food started after I moved to the UK and took a break from my professional career after my marriage. Initial phase was a great learning curve, and now I love photographing and styling food. My Photography Portfolio showcases my work and photography styles.

After living for few years in a quintessential English town in The UK, I moved again. This time to the land famous for its Tulips. Yes, you guessed it right! Netherlands will be my home for now. I am based in Rotterdam and very keen on working with people who are passionate about food and want to show that through photographs. I believe a visual story of food creates an interest and gives a beautiful visibility to the food business. Being a home cook, I love creating recipes and share my experiences on my website.

I love my work and if you also love what you do, I think we can make a good team.

Services I can offer:

  1. Food, product and travel photography.
  2. Food, product and prop styling.
  3. Recipe and content development.
  4. Food and photography workshops.

Please enquire using the form below for collaboration/enquiries and prints.