Bread, Bakes and Cakes

Banana, chocolate and muesli bars

Madeira cake

Banana and cardamom custard brownies

Chocolate, banana and walnut muffins

Quick white bread

Apricot and walnut muffins

Vegetarian & Vegan

Sun-dried mung beans nuggets curry

Beetroot, carrot and tomato soup with Β a goodness of winter veggies

Palak paneer / saag paneer

Brown chickpea salad, Indian style

Pan roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary

Cheesy peppery pizza

Coconut pilau rice

Cauliflower stuffed flatbread

Fish and other Sea Food

Baked sea bass on a bed of vegetables

Pakistan style prawn curry

Meat and Poultry

Pan seared egg curry

Yummy porken supper