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Mangal Kangtak – a North East Indian Green Peas Curry

India is such a diverse land that sometimes I feel one lifetime won’t be enough to understand and explore it fully. It’s overwhelming as well as fascinating at the same time! Whether it’s food, people, language; everything changes every few 100 kilometers in the country. That’s the level of diversity I am talking about ! … Continue reading Mangal Kangtak – a North East Indian Green Peas Curry

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Sun-dried mung beans nuggets curry

Finally, I found sometime to put together this post for mung dal vadi subzi (mung beans nuggets  curry), a very simple but quite flavourful recipe. At my mum's, this was known as 'mongodi ki subzi'.  I visited India last year and surprisingly mum had already prepared these for me (the sun dried nuggets) which she… Continue reading Sun-dried mung beans nuggets curry