Meet Me

Namaste, I say!!
Hiya!! I am Krati Agarwal, the person behind Simple and Sustainable, welcome here.

me-1First thing first, who am I?
Not Mary Berry…ha-ha!! would love to become a popular celebrity like her though. I am originally from a small historic town of Gwalior, Central India. I was born there, earned my degree and then ran my own business while enjoying the monsoons, pleasant winters and hot summers. And then I met this man,

15871980_10206658091325486_5172697908103548022_nfell in love, got married, packed my bags and said goodbye to the sunny-warm days to move to a miserable, rainy and cold UK (sorry folks, but ain’t that the truth?). And now, I live in Harrogate that sits in the beautiful county of North Yorkshire. It is popular for its floral blooms, Turkish baths and most loved The Betty’s Café Tea Rooms. It’s a beautiful small town and I love it when it’s in full bloom during spring, it’s not the Happiest Place to Live in Britain for nothing!!

As a kid, I was a picky eater and underweight. But my mum is also one clever lady, she used to sneak in veggies and fruits in my food. While growing up cooking was nowhere near my mind. When at work, I was always in a rush and never really bothered where the food is coming from or checked the ingredients. This continued until sometime even after my marriage and then suddenly a transition happened and a good one might I add.

I slowed down and started giving importance to home cooked meals, realised the importance of fresh and seasonal produce. I still remember when I baked bread for the first time, I was completely blown away by its awesome taste and the smell of freshly baked bread felt out of this world! That bread disappeared in no time and there I understood how amazing home cooking was!! During this journey, I also developed an affection towards local produce and started buying from local green grocers and butchers. The freshness and taste of the produce was amazing.

Sustainable, responsibly farmed, fair trade and environment friendly; these words have now become an important part of my life. I am now careful about the origin of my produce, its impacts, sustainability and farming practices.  I never used to care, but now I do after I made myself aware about how our habits can break or build our environment and planet and that’s the inspiration behind the name of this website.
So, now the main thing-

  • What I will be doing here? I will tempt you to start cooking using fresh and local ingredients.
  • How? By sharing drool worthy pictures and recipes, some Indian family recipes and some that I feel are worth making you drool more. Lolss…!!

Alright people thanks for meeting me, now, let’s get started and cook something homemade filled with the goodness of nature!!

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