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My experience with Madeira Cake.

Yay!! I finally baked a Madeira cake. I was so looking forward to my GBBO (Great British Bake Off) based bakes and yes I finally started. After every episode, I kept seeing posts from all bloggers about the featured bakes which made me feel really jealous. I finally decided to go with the slow version of my bakes.

Right, let’s talk about my first GBBO bake – Madeira cake, a rich sponge cake. This was the first time I baked this cake and thanks to the inspiration that I got from being a fan of the show.Indoors-1

I followed James MartinΒ recipeΒ that I found on BBC Food and it turned out really amazing. I just added a teaspoon of vanilla essence and dropped some butterscotch pieces and it just bumped up the taste. It is now one of my favourite tea time accompaniments.

Indoors-2It suddenly came to my mind to see if there is any history behind the Madeira cake and it turns out that its named after a Portuguese wine which was quite popular in England during 18th century. Often this cake is confused to have originated from Madeira islands in Portugal but they bake their own cake named Bolo De Mel, a dark spicy honey cake.


I was worried whether I will get a crack at the top of the cake and nice crumb and was relieved when I got it. My next Madeira cake will be Tamal’s – Rose and Pistachio Madeira Cake.

If you haven’t baked this cake, add it to your baking list, you will loveΒ it. πŸ™‚

References:Β Wikipedia,Β BBC Food.

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